3D Graphics

Below are some samples from my endeavours into 3D artwork. My skillset skews more towards mechanical modeling (rigid objects, such as machinery, buildings, and tools) rather than organic modeling (shapely objects, such as character models, environments, and plantlife).

I am presently studying Maxon Cinema 4D and Autodesk Maya as well as methods of 3D integration within Adobe After Effects.

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Modular Space Bomber

A QTVR of a Modular Space Bomber that I designed in Maxon Cinema 4D. The concept for this started out as a single missle with revolver-like workings to deploy 6 bombs in succession. Then I decided to take 6 of those bombs and place them within their own larger revolving rig. Then I decided to make it modular. This is one of those designs that grew the more I imagined how it might be used, which is probably my ideal way of working creatively. Believe it or not, I'm actually a pacifist - I just like spaceships, starfighters, and turbines.

Click-and-drag inside the box to revolve around the spaceship. (Requires Quicktime)
May take a few seconds to load)

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United by Drums Commercial #1

The most recent commercial for United by Drums. The drum was modeled in 3D using Maxon Cinema 4D and then the videos were applied to shell. After this, the drum animation was imported into Adobe After Effects and merged with the background.

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APR-X Starfighter

Yet another starfighter, designed during one of my first outings with Cinema 4D. I imagine it as an aircraft designed on a planet that quickly transitioned from jet propulsion to space travel - almost like they skipped a step.

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"The Red Line" Animated Credit Sequence

Opening credit sequence designed for an imaginary movie, entitled "The Red Line", featuring both 2.5D animation (2D objects arranged on a 3D plane) and 3D animation created in Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D, respectively.

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