I have been editing videos since the age of 15 - prior to the home editing boom of the late 90's and the dawn of tapeless media. I am well versed in Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere. In June, 2012, I became an Avid Certified User.

  • Avid Certified User
  • Designing motion graphics using After Effects
  • Strong background using the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Animated graphics and titles
  • Basic touch-up and color correction
  • Green-screen compositing
  • Multi-camera editing and string-outs
  • Working with both tape and tapeless media
  • Field video production
  • Voiceover recording and ADR
  • Scriptwriting and copyediting experience
  • Transcription at 80 words-per-minute
Avid Certified User

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Washington Improv Theater

Over the years, I have helped The Washington Improv Theater with numerous video projects. Among these has been producing a series of interviews with members of the WIT community in order to take advantage of a matching grant from the D.C. Arts & Humanities Commission as well as a rebranding campaign in 2015.

Services for this series included filming, editing, motion graphics production, and sound design.

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The Chippy Wang Show

Starring comedian Charlie Waring, The Chippy Wang Show is a live, comedy variety/talk show where anything can happen. Together, Charlie and I write and produce a monthly narrative-based improv show, featuring the DMV-area's best comedic talents. Along with the usual live show production responsiblities of set design, special effects, and talent scouting, we incorporate pre-taped remote segments from various public events. In addition to my responsiblities as the producer for these segments (responsibilities which include obtaining credentials, filming, and editing), I create the commercial advertisments for each upcoming show as well as generate post-show YouTube video packages.

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United by Drums Commercial #1

The most recent commercial for United by Drums. I created this by combining pictures and videos submitted by forum members with 3D animation of a drum being assembled that I designed in Maxon Cinema 4D. The entire project was composited using Adobe After Effects. I also created the music.

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"The Red Line" Animated Credit Sequence

Opening credit sequence designed for an imaginary movie, entitled "The Red Line". Primarily created using Adobe After Effects. Additional programs used include Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe Illustrator.

The concept is that the credits foreshadow the first act of the movie, in which two lovers try to escape East Berlin, circa 1963. I was inspired by the simpler looking animated credit sequences from the 60's.

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Master Bond "Fast Setting Epoxy Product Video

Product video demonstrating Master Bond's EP51M Fast Setting Epoxy.

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"The Ultimate Trainer" Sizzle Reel

Sizzle Reel for "The Ultimate Trainer" (© 2012 by JRS Productions, All rights reserved.)
(Warning: Features adult language.)

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Master Bond "Gun Applicator" Product Video

Product video demonstrating how to use Master Bond's adhesive gun applicator.

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Bottle Rocket Music Video

Music video featuring footage from the Wes Anderson film "Bottle Rocket" and the Rival Schools song "Hooligans For Life".

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